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Terms and Conditions

Henceforth, ‘My Education Online’ will be referred to as the ‘MEO’.

1. Fees

a) MEO reserves the right to refuse to allow a pupil to attend classes while fees remain unpaid.

b) MEO reserves the right to alter the school fees for an academic year at any time up to the last day of the preceding academic year. Every effort will, however, be made to give not less than one term’s notice of alterations to the new academic year’s fees.

c) If a student enrols part way through an academic term, tuition fees for that term will be charged on a pro-rated basis.

2. Withdrawal and Notice

a) Any parent accepting an offer of a place at MEO will be charged a refundable deposit of £500. This deposit will be refunded at the academic year once all fees are confirmed to have been paid in full. Parents who fail to take up their child’s place after officially enrolling will not be refunded this amount.

b) MEO requires not less than a full term’s notice in writing, received by the Principal not later than 1 week after the beginning of a term, before a pupil is withdrawn from the School. Failing such notice, the full fees for the term following withdrawal, will be charged.

c) MEO may in its absolute discretion require a parent to remove a pupil from the school whose attendance, progress or behaviour in class is unsatisfactory. In such circumstances, the parent shall not be entitled to any refund of the fees due or already paid. Nor shall any refund be due for absence due to illness.

d) MEO reserves the right to require a parent to remove a pupil from the school if they knowingly fail to disclose important information about their child’s special educational, medical and social needs. Such information should be advised in writing at the time of registration to MEO.

3. Expectations of Students

a) The parent undertakes to ensure that the pupil attends school regularly throughout each term (dates of which will be published well in advance). All pupils are required to participate in all school subjects agreed mutually at the time enrolment.

b) The parent undertakes to ensure that the pupil conforms to such rules of appearance and dress (if camera is on during class), and behaviour as shall be issued by MEO from time to time.

c) These undertakings apply equally to pupils over the age of 18.

4. Provision of Education

a) MEO shall endeavour to do all that is reasonable to provide a suitable educational environment for every pupil. Although we strive for excellence in the educational advancement of our pupils, MEO cannot guarantee that the pupil will achieve their desired examination results or that results will be sufficient to gain entry to other educational establishments.

b) MEO does not currently handle the administration of external examinations but will facilitate the process of registration for such examinations at authorised centres. Pupils are required to register as a private candidate. The meeting of deadlines for registration and costs incurred by taking the examinations are the responsibility of the parents. Additionally, the requirements for participation in other required educational provisions i.e practical science for A-level, are the responsibility of the parents.

5. Confidentiality

We understand the importance of pupil privacy and it is entrusted that any publication, including photographs, videos and other posts by MEO on our website or on social media will be in the best interests of pupils and require parental consent. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you give consent for your child to appear in recorded lessons if they choose to use the microphone or webcam feature of the virtual classroom. These recorded lessons may be viewed by other pupils of MEO. However, they will not be shared externally.

6. Internet Security

MEO will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your child uses the facilities of the school platform for appropriate purposes, but your child will be held accountable for any misuse. Deliberate misuse will be treated as a breach of MEO rules which will be investigated and may result in the expulsion of a pupil from the school.

Pupils may use YouTube and other resources from the internet as part of their lessons. The school will never direct anyone to anything that is not educational. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they have appropriate content controls and internet security software to protect their child from inappropriate online content.

7. Usernames and Passwords

Pupils shall not share links or logins with other pupils. If pupils wish to find each other outside our system, they will have to go through the MEO staff and/or the other pupil’s parents.

8. Study Environment

Parents are responsible for ensuring their child has access to an appropriate location from which to study. MEO is not responsible for the home (or any other) study environment. It is the responsibility of pupils, parents and carers to ensure that any additional materials such as textbooks are purchased as required.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends lessons. Parents must also ensure that their child has access to high-speed internet and the correct technology to take part in lessons.

9. Computer and Software Requirements

To be a successful online learner, you will need access to a computer with the following:

• A processor of 2.4GHz or faster
• 4 GB of RAM (8 GB of RAM recommended)
• A high-speed Internet connection (1.5 Mbps upload and download required; 5 Mbps or better preferred)
Caution: The use of public access computers (for example, at restaurants) or employer-provided computers may result in slowness or errors (timeouts or access problems) when accessing course materials. Public access computers may not permit access to certain course materials or systems due to security limitations.
• Monitor and video card with 1024 x 768 or greater resolution
• Keyboard and mouse (or equivalent i/o device)
• Speakers/Headphones and a Microphone
Noise-cancelling headphones typically preferred
• A web camera capable of video web conferencing

Operating System

• Microsoft Window 10 or newer
• Apple macOS 10.14 or newer (Students with an Apple computer should still have the Windows operating system added alongside as well)

Web browser

• Google Chrome, the latest version.


• Microsoft Office, the latest version.
• Adobe Reader, the latest version, is recommended.
• Antivirus software, updated regularly, is strongly recommended.
• Local administrative privileges on the computer may be required to allow for software installation and to configure computer settings.

Content Filters

• Content filters may need to be disabled to view certain types of academic-related content.

MEO cannot be held accountable for poor internet connection or if there are issues with the device that the pupil is using.
If pupils are unable to attend a live lesson a parent or carer must notify the school. If a pupil misses a live lesson, they are expected to watch the recording of that lesson later. If a pupil misses a lesson because of an individual issue, then they are expected to watch the lesson recording.

Users of MEO are pupils who are home-schooled or those who are using the service to supplement full-time education in a regular school. As such, the full responsibility of the provision of their education lies with parents or caregivers. Parents of pupils who do not attend regular, full-time school are responsible for ensuring the legality of home-schooling in their country.

10. Cancellation of Lessons

Lessons that are cancelled due to the fault of the school (e.g. teacher connection, system break down, staff illness) will either be covered by a supply teacher or made up in the form of cover work or recorded lessons. MEO does not offer refunds for cancelled lessons that are supplied with one of the provisions listed above.

In order to continue the provision of lessons, MEO reserves the right to make changes to the timetable.

11. Data Protection

a) Parents/guardians accept a place at MEO for their son or daughter in the knowledge that data about pupils and their parents/guardians will be collected periodically and stored and processed to allow for the efficient operation of the school.

b) Parents/guardians accepting a place at MEO consent to the school’s use of their child’s photograph or a video lesson involving him/her, and other information relating to their achievements, for promotional purposes. Such information may be published in school literature, on the school website or through other media.