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Our online tuition services are for all students including both homeschooled students and those attending mainstream schools. Whether they need extra help with a challenging subject, want to get ahead in their studies, or require assistance with homework and test preparation, our expert teachers are here to help them succeed.

Our Tutors

At MEO, we take great pride in the quality of education we deliver, whether with our fully-fledged online school or our private/group tuition classes. Our team of tutors are hand-picked after verification of their qualifications, knowledge and experience in their chosen subject area(s).

MEO tutors initially build a rapport with their students by getting to know them, enabling them to recognize their students’ strengths and weaknesses. They will then set achievable yet ambitious targets for each student, which they will help them attain through individually tailored lessons. If need be, our tutors will adapt their teaching styles to accommodate their students and aid their overall development.

As experts in their chosen fields, MEO tutors create lessons that reference real-life scenarios to enable their students to better relate to the problems they are required to solve.

MEO Online Tuition

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Year 2 - 6


Years 7 – 9


Years 10 & 11


Years 12 & 13


Year 2 - 6


Years 7 – 9


Years 10 & 11


Years 12 & 13


Year 2 - 6


Years 7 – 9


Years 10 & 11


Years 12 & 13


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