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Why Choose Us

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At My Education Online, we deliver the UK curriculum. Our program is designed to help students prepare for British qualifications, including iGCSE and International A-level examinations. For those studying outside of the UK, assessments will be held at authorised locations in the respective countries of our students, as facilitated by the British Council.

We will help facilitate enrolling for these examinations whilst ensuring all necessary information is available to students and parents.

My Education Online is the right choice because it goes one step further than traditional online learning experiences. Throughout the school, we have a talented and enthusiastic team of school leaders, teachers, and administrators who are fully dedicated to ensuring that our students have a rich and fulfilling learning experience.

Who We Are

My Education Online is an affordable, British online school that delivers live, innovative and interactive classes for students in the UAE as well as other Middle Eastern countries. The program is designed to help students prepare for British qualifications, including iGCSE and International A-level examinations. Our ultimate vision is to make comprehensive, all-inclusive education available to all students globally.

MEO takes great pride in offering quality educational opportunities for students. Our online classes have a maximum capacity of 6 pupils per class, which allows each student to receive undivided attention from the teacher when needed.

It also helps us to provide a personalised learning experience where each child can learn at a comfortable pace.

Lessons are held every day, from Monday to Friday. All classes are also recorded, which allows students to revisit a particular subject or topic at any time for better understanding.

At My Education Online, our vision is to provide all our students with Quality British Online Schooling with the ability to graduate and become an avid thinker and learner.

We make sure to equip them with all the knowledge, foundational skills and more, which they will need to thrive and build an exceptional educational career.

We focus exclusively on enhancing the learning experience, which translates into a great academic level for the students. Our collaborative learning philosophy makes things easier for students and parents. For more information about our primary classes, please get in touch with us. 

Our Benefits

  • Best online learning tools that facilitate their daily learning.

  • Individualized attention with a maximum of 8 students per class.

  • Live and interactive sessions are scheduled according to respective regional times.

  • Differentiated teaching to maximise learning using innovative instructional methods.

  • A school-themed, home-based learning experience where parents do not have to take on the role of the teacher but can be involved if they wish.

  • Experienced and passionate educators for your child.

  • Frequent interaction and updates on your child’s progress given by My Education Online teachers.

  • Affordable, market-competitive fees.

British education curriculum


Innovative and interactive LIVE online classes every day throughout the academic year using the differentiated teaching techniques with present-day technology.

British education curriculum


Our astute and caring teachers bring the knowledge and skills needed to motivate and inspire future generations.

uae & Middle East


Our class timings currently cater primarily for students based in the UAE, the Middle East, and neighbouring regions.

British education curriculum


Our classes will only have up to 8 students per class for any subject. This ensures that individual attention can be given to all students during a class to maximise learning.

British education curriculum

Innovative technology

We incorporate innovative digital learning tools and materials tailored to each student to enhance their education and prepare them for the technological age we live in.

British education curriculum

UK National Curriculum

Our students will gain internationally recognised qualifications at the appropriate stages, including iGCSEs and International A-levels.

Meet our lovely team

Our proficient team brings 20+ years of experience in the field of teaching and education management.

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Use of Innovative Learning Tools

At MEO, we are always looking for ways to improve the learning and interactions taking place within our classes. As such, all of our teachers utilise a variety of innovative tools and software to facilitate the learning of our students.

Traditionally with online learning, teachers are reliant on students sending their work to them via email or use other inefficient equipment to mirror their work. As well as being time-consuming, the progress of the students cannot be effectively monitored this way.

However, using graphics writing tablets and some clever online software that MEO have subscribed to, our teachers can see what their students are writing as they write it and hence can provide crucial, real-time feedback.

In addition, all MEO students are enrolled with BKSB, which is the UK’s leading EdTech platform for GCSE and Functional Skills. BKSB is highly engaging and intuitive with built-in online assessments and resources and is another excellent supplement to the live online classes delivered by MEO teachers.

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