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Maram Beseiso

ICT Teacher

Mrs Maram Beseiso

ICT Teacher

After attaining my degree in Computer Information Systems and a Masters in Computer Science I decided upon teaching. I now have over 8 years experience of the UK National Curriculum and have helped many students achieve their GCSE. 

I teach ICT and Computing online with MEO and find it so rewarding to be able to spend lots of time with individual students, giving them the opportunity to flourish in my subject and develop a fascination for programming and technology, as well as the traditional ICT topics. 

MEO uses the best and most innovative software on the market to teach our students; All of our teachers attend regular in-house training sessions to ensure they are able to use Google Classroom effectively. We use a program called BKSB for Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills, which is available to the students outside of timetabled lessons and we have a fantastic piece of software called Kami, which allows the teachers to monitor and mark students’ work within the lesson, reducing mistakes and rewarding excellent work as and when it happens. We believe this sets us apart from most other mainstream and online schools, where students are often left for significant periods of time without any feedback. I love teaching online with MEO.